Pax Tandon is a Holistic Wellness Coach and Media Personality whom looks to inspire teens and young adults to think and act in a way that will positively benefit their lives physically and mentally. Tandon specializes in Positive Psychology, the scientific study of happiness. It is the branch of psychology that uses effective intervention to assist in achieving satisfactory life. Tandon’s focus in life is to make a difference in others’ by fostering joy and quality of life. She has studied and mastered the factors that contribute to a well-lived and fulfilling life and wishes to share that with each and every person who hears her speak.

Tandon speaks not only from personal experiences but she truly reaches the mental of our youth and adds emphasis and meaning to what is known as “a good and meaningful life.” Tandon uses her words to translate her strong belief in positive transformation and growth. She is empowering and motivating as she takes on a passion for helping others to flourish. Her mission is fulfilling lives and to cultivate all positivity from within to enhance their experiences of love, work and leisure.

Tandon is proud to use media as a way to spread her message and reach people, specifically teens and young adults. Her perspective on young life has come from her own story that she is willing to share. Having traveled to many cities to speak on Positive Psychology, Tandon has become the life coach she has always wanted to be. She hopes to continue touching lives and speaking at events in order to stimulate happiness and overall balance in everyone willing to accept that they too can live a meaningful life.


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Lecture & Speech Topics: 

[col1] Stress & Depression
(specifically in teens and young adults)
Mental ‘Wellness’
Quality of Life
[/col1] [col2] Parent vs Child Happiness
Applying Positivity to Life Issues
Self-Motivation & Self-Empowerment
[/col2] [col3] Peer Influence
Meditation/ Yoga
Importance of a Healthy Diet
(physically and mentally)

Public Appearances: 

Philly Play
Saks Fifth Ave Event
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Annual Walk
The Kimmel Center: Philadelphia Film Society: Suicide Prevention Week



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