I’m a firm believer that the opposite of love isn’t hatred, it’s actually lack-of-care. Because, at least hatred requires some sense of feeling, some kind of emotion. Once a person stops to care, there’s nothing left to give. Thankfully, hatred and distain usually come first. So, you’ve got a warning sign.

So, now the question remains: What do we do when love starts to feel lonely? I have seen relationships in which people have been completely divided by the sheer feeling of loneliness. Usually an increasing feeling, many people don’t discuss it right away. Strangely, this leads a relationship that was once all about love to nothing more than a resulting sense of pain and distance. It’s so sad to see a relationship start with a deep emotional connection turn hallow and withered.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? So many questions.

Truth: In most cases, a lack of understanding is the root cause. That leads to a feeling of embarrassment or discomfort, distance soon follows, and then – full fledge loneliness. All-the-while, you’re lying next to each other.

Loved ones will most likely experience loneliness when we fail to see their needs; these needs can be psychological, physical, social, or any other type of need. As you know, an unmet need can create sadness and that later creates a space and feeling of helplessness in their hearts. F

I think you’ll find, as we grow through the journey of life it’s through the togetherness of our partners that we create a sense of belonging. It’s this that helps us to remember the power of love and it’s this that will heal us when we’re dealing with those experiences again. When we experience a deeper presence of someone, someone who truly cares, it fills our heart with complete and utter happiness. Happiness is only possible when there is hope in our hearts. Hope truly is the result of tender love and care.

Listen to your partner. Hear their needs. Work together to understand them and find a resolve that serves the both of you with maximum happiness.