Can we talk about why dieting sucks? Just for a second.

During the process of dieting forces your body into attempting to be the wrong size. It’s during this process that we increase our obsession with food and fuel our personal disatisfaction with our body. Needless to say, it’s not the ideal situation.

Think of it this way, if your shoe size is a nine, you can’t really expect to cram that foot into a shoe for a size six. Right? So, why do we keep trying to diet and cram our bodies into a size it’s not supposed to be?

Truth: The dieting industry is the only indusrty in the world that convinces consumers to blame themselves when a product fails. (Again, imagine a new car that won’t start the day after you buy it… Not your fault, right?) But, when we go on diets and the diets fail …we blame ourselves, not the diet. Right?


I’m here, right now, to tell you that you’re not actually the problem. The process of dieting is the real problem here. Hear me out…

Short-term starvation is exactly what your body experiences during the process of dieting. Some diets just make it easier to mask than others. So, by allowing yourself to eat a desired food again (aka, “cheat day!”) your body responds in a natural and actually healthy way: It responds to the deprivation and starvation with… extreme eating. (Leading to, the failure to “keep it off.”)

What have we learned? You haven’t failed at dieting because of your own inability. Dieting has failed you because a person can’t fight the biological drive to eat when they’re are starving.