Holistic Wellness Coach Pax Tandon specializes in positive psychology to help people navigate life’s challenges. Pax cites sleep as the fountain of youth and beauty and says good sleep will have two major impacts on your beauty quotient:

Incorporating a meditation regimen into your daily routine helps you sleep better. Our bodies rejuvenate themselves when we are sleep -it’s our recovery time. If you shortchange your sleep, you shortchange your youth, and speed up the aging process. Notice how you haggard your eyes look, how your body feels when you’re not well rested. That is your cells telling you they’re running on empty, and need time to renew. Getting adequate sleep is where your real glow comes from.

Meditation decreases stress and anxiety, which accelerate the aging process by releasing stress hormones like cortisol into the body that harm cells and shrink telomeres, the ends of chromosomes in cells responsible for their turnover -the fountain of our youth. Keep stress at bay, keep aging away.

How to meditate:

To start, find 10 minutes in the day, preferably in the morning, where you can find some time to yourself. Take a comfortable seat, either on a cushion or in a chair, with a straight spine, and count 20 breaths, 1 to 10, and then 9 to 1, keeping your focus on the flow of the breath the whole time. If the mind wanders, come back to your counting and to the breath

Spend another few minutes every night before bed doing the same practice -this time lying down, as the last thing you do before you sleep. All lights should be off, phones off and displays turned off (this is very important -the lights on the phones mimic natural light, which tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daytime, and therefore not yet time to sleep! And remember, no stimulants, like coffee or tea, for AT LEAST 6-8 hours before bed, if not more.

You’ll be surprised how hard it is to even get to 20 before you’re sound asleep, on the way to your most beautiful spring yet.