I just had a tea ceremony in my bathtub. I wasn’t throwing back to the 70’s for a free-love-with-tea-in-my-bath-tub gig, I was luxuriating in some new products my good friends at the Body ShopBody Shop Green Tea sent me to try – a line of green tea infused and inspired bath products, from body wash, to body scrub, bath tea, to body butter.

All but the bath tea are probably familiar, if not infrequent in your world. I mean, it seriously occurred to me as I was drawing this bath to put “bath tea” in it that I would never have done this except on the rare occasion I was actually at a spa having it drawn for me. But having it in my midst, this bath tea, compelled me to make a ceremony out of it, lighting a few candles, soaking in the tub for about 20 minutes, zoning out into some kind of meditative state where it smells green tea-licious, and listening to my most favorite tunes.

The scent is reminiscent of a green tea line Bvlgari was putting in their hotels’ bath products in the early 2000’s, reminders of the most elegant and luxurious vacations of my life. This smell evoked that elegance, even if it was a bit intense for a girl like me who usually uses an unscented crème de corps. So just that this whole Fuji Green Tea line invoked some kind of cool, zen space for me to luxuriate in made it worth it.

Not to mention I am a huge green tea buff, for its amazing anti-aging and health properties. I’d sit in the bath just to soak up skin-boosting ingredients, even if it was torture…but this was most definitely not torture. I was getting beautified inside and out simultaneously, and fully enjoying the experience. When I finally drew myself up and out of the bath, and I coated my skin with the body butter (you may have sampled some of the Body Shop’s iconic body butters before; I hadn’t really), it was like submerging my fingers into thick chocolate pudding. Heavenly texture, and it felt sweet going on and soaking into my skin. It feels totally moisturized. The body scrub felt the same way – like submerging my hand into this totally smooth texture, only feeling the exfoliant when I rubbed it on.

Overall, this was a very cool hour of my life, luxuriating in a green tea bath that smelled like elegance, soaking up antioxidants and getting clean, moisturized skin out of it. That is a lot of boxes checked.