Mom, you come first. How can you provide for your husband, your children and others if you’re run down and stressed out? Here, daily stress relief tips for mothers.

Working and juggling kids, social lives and responsibilities can make women feel stressed on a daily basis. Here are two easy-to-implement daily stress relievers for busy moms:

1) Stop. Breathe. Just be.

This is a technique from the world of mindfulness training, and is a highly effective way to grab a moment of peace any time of the day, particularly for when you feel the stress or overwhelming feelings coming on.

Stop what you’re doing, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and just be right there in the present moment. Focus on the way the breath feels as it flows through the nostrils and back out again, or on how the chest feels as it expands to accommodate your lungs as they fill with air. Anchor yourself in the present moment, in the sensory experience of your breathing, and then return to your activity.

It’s magically calming, relaxing, and scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones in the blood.

How to remember to do this practice several times a day? Grab some stickers, plain colored dots will do, and place them around the house or office -on the bathroom mirror, on your office lamp, on the computer monitor, on your car door.

These will be your “Stop, Breathe and Be” reminders.

2) Practice Gratitude.

Each day, be mindful of 3 good things from that day. You can simply reflect upon them before you go to bed each night, or better yet, keep a gratitude journal on your nightstand and pen them down.

This practice helps you take stock of the things that are going “right” in your world, and shines a light on blessings to bring you more feelings of joy and happiness throughout your day.