Chapter 2

Learn Your ABCs

It is nearing the end of the workday when my boss rushes into my office and asks if I have completed the new client proposal she had requested. She literally just asked for it this morning! I’ve got tons on my plate and am doing the best I can! Here she is, trying to call me out. She thinks I’m not working hard enough. Defensively, I tell her that I am almost finished, but it was a big task and I wasn’t given that much time. I feel resentful, annoyed, and angry. I go home and lash out at my partner.

Journal about your experience with the ABC model. How did it feel to deconstruct your thoughts in this way? Did you learn anything new or surprising? How might this exercise help you change your life for the better?


Scenario: Your Partner received a promotion at work.

Random Acts of Kindness

List 10 Random Acts of Kindness


Drink the Backwash

Journaling Reflection Questions:

“What changes do you wish to see in the world? How are you showing up to support them? How might you create novel opportunities to be these changes?”


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