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This simple, elegant gift of a breakfast of berries and champagne highlights the potent experience that has been my time in Europe thus far. It’s about staying in the moment, reveling in each gift the Universe bestows upon me, and flowing with gratitude and the ensuing grace as a petite …

You’re Invited: July’s Mindfulness Meetup on Google +

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​A new month, a new Meet up, and this one is online and with a special guest!​ L​earn Mindfulness with Guided Meditation and Gratitude Practices taught by Positive Psychology Expert Pax Tandon.​ ​Special guest of honor, Author & Inspirational Speaker of LOVE YOUR LIFE! Sammy Davis will be hanging out …

How Getting Rid of 80% of My Clothes Feels

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This fall, all I want to do is purge everything that no longer serves me — toxic relationships (there were a few), anything bringing me “less than joy,” and the majority of my wardrobe. Legit, like 80% of my wardrobe is gone, into suitcases and ready to be given away.