It’s arguably never been harder to stay present in the moment. Our technological advances have transformed our lives and completely reshaped the way we connect with each other and ourselves. It’s to the point where we’ll do just about anything to find our smartphones when we feel disconnected. Gone are the days of ever having to think about “reconnecting with old friends” because social media make sure it’s done on a second-to-second basis. Oh, and we can track all of this – just to make sure.

Everyday tasks like going to the supermarket, exploring the local mall, screening the latest films at the cinema, and even visiting our favorite physicians are no longer necessary. All of those tasks can in some way be completed digitally from the comfort of your sofa… or bed. Convenience is one thing, however, these “advances” might’ve pushed our brains into sensory overload. (Yikes!)

Did you know that stress and depression are more prevalent than ever? It’s because people are having trouble coping with all of the daily tasks that are being thrown at them at once. Our ability to connect online is disconnecting us from ourselves!

Practicing the art of mindfulness is so crucian, and it’s such a seamless practice to incorporate into daily life. Here are my top three ways of incorporating mindfulness into day life:

  1. Make the visualization of positive things a part of your daily morning ritual. In my opinion, the best time to put this into play is immediately upon waking up. (Put the phone down!) Close your eyes — for a moment, don’t fall back to sleep — and visualize yourself having an awesome day. It’s one of those days where everything goes just right. Once you get used to this process begin incorporating daily affirmations; these’ll help increase your focus and bring you to look forward to this process tomorrow.
  2. Pay attention to your thoughts. This is actually the whole concept of mindfulness; connecting with yourself on a meta level to avoid burnout, better handle frustration, and redirect negative energy. Our minds process thousands of thoughts each day, did you know that? Most people allow those thoughts to affect their feelings and — as we know — feelings affect our actions. Slow down! Think about what is going through your mind and focus on finding a peaceful resolve. Visualize what your life will be like when you get there. Think positive.
  3. Appreciate what you have, or do a good deed. I combine these two things because daily life seems to have time for one or the other, however, both are equally important to our growth and personal progress. (So, make sure you alternate between the two.) It’s so easy for us to focus on the negative, it’s everywhere we look — right? Guess what else is everywhere we look… The positive. Focus on that, and most literally take a minute or two each day to count your blessings. (The roof over your head, the food on your plate, the friends by your side, and the career opportunities that help you to learn and grow.) On the flip-side, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about us. (I know, it can be hard to do.) Our task, by being on this earth, is to help others. Tasks as small as offering a complement to a friend, or assisting a business partner with a task unrelated to your daily responsibilities are all good starting points. By spreading this love, you’ll begin to initiate gratitude across all other aspects of your life.