Tracy Davidson: Where Does Your Time Go?

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When you get done with the day do you ever look back and say: “Where did the day go? I feel like I didn’t get anything done.” How about if you were look back on 2016? Do you struggle to identify where you focused your time throughout the year? The …

Running Towards “It”

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That “anything” can include behaviors that are objectively healthy or contribute to your well-being (many of the exercises and interventions named in this very book apply), but can simultaneously mask your soul’s true calling. I see this all the time, especially with women, myself included. We feel unfulfilled in one …

How I Found My Flow

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I absolutely love to sing. Like, I totally bliss out on it. I hadn’t picked up the guitar in months when a friend texted about putting me on the bill for an open mic night he was hosting. He had asked me several times before, and each time I had …

Finding Flow is Like Finding God

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Finding flow is like finding God, because it’s a state of pure presence and bliss, where you feel truly alive in the moment. Flow, also called “the zone,” is the that intersection between the level of skill you bring to a task and the challenge it offers. It’s a mental …

Speaking at The Positivity Charge

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I had a great time speaking at the 2016 Positivity Charge, hosted by Dr. Rubina Tahir and Parisha Smith — two great friends of mine. Read the recap in Philly Chit Chat and get motivated to take on 2017, full speed ahead.

How to Be Mindful, Part 2

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Mindfulness made its way into various cultures during the ancient times and has only been accepted by western psychology with more clinical practitioners recognizing the importance it plays for psychological health. I became familiar with the practice of mindfulness at a very early age as my parents are both life-long …

How to Be Mindful, Part 1

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Mindfulness is a deeply beneficial practice; the result of working it into day-to-day life has been clinically proven to improve a vast range of clinical disorders — including chronic pain, anxiety, and even depression. It’s a practice that can help you in both the professional and personal realms by improving …

3 Ways Mindfulness Changes Lives

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Whenever I mention the art of mindfulness, or the idea of someone incorporating it into their daily life, I am immediately faced with one singular (and often times polarizing) question: What does it do for you? Truth is, a lot (like, a lot – a lot) but I don’t always …

3 Tips for the Newly Single

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Are you newly single? Is it starting to get on your nerves? Do you find yourself obsessing over that moment when someone new might walk into your life and sweep you off your feet? Snap out of it! I’ve got three awesome things you can do — right now! — …