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  • Pax Tandon, Wellness Coach

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    Pax Tandon applies Positive Psychology to real world issues, bringing clients mind, body and spiritual healing.

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    Pax Tandon is a go-to source of positive psychology and wellness information for the press. Sometimes she even models the latest trends in the press!

Meditation With Pax

Speaking on Mindfulness for Koi-Fly

Check out this blog post I wrote for Koi-Fly Productions. Mindfulness is like gaming; it requires dedicated hours of practice to reach new levels of achievement. And once you taste the sweetness of the prize, you keep coming back for more. Think of it as a craft of the mind versus a mine craft. These days […] Read more…


At Sincerely Syreeta’s Sincerely Chosen Event

What a great time I had on the Sincerely Chosen show last night. Thank you, Syreeta,  for the beautiful energy you’re bringing to our community through your efforts, I was honored to lend my voice. Here’s a shot of all of the speakers with the host.   Here’s the event flier:   To stay up-to-date […] Read more…


Time-Out at Tierney

I had a bunch of you notice there was no flyer for a September meet up, and I was overjoyed that you’re all beginning to crave that hour for mindfulness, focus, real-talk, learning and sharing.  There will be another one soon! Meantime, I’m allowing space for monthly meet ups to take on different forms, as […] Read more…


Attunement + Courage + Acceptance = Flow

You want the formula for a flourishing life? There it is.  Much easier written and said than done, but there it is.  It warrants some explanation, and of course, a bit of convincing, because when in life is anything ever as simple as a formula, an equation, or a black-and-white answer? Almost never, because we are […] Read more…



How To Feel Happier At Work With 5 Weird Tips That Are Totally Doable.     If you’re going to be at your desk all day, you might as well surround yourself with things that make you happy. “Put up pictures around your desk or workspace of places or things that light you up inside, […] Read more…


Check out the recap of our last Mindfulness Meetup! {Relax With Pax: August Mindfulness Meetup Featuring Special Guest Syreeta Martin}

Syreeta “Sincerely Syreeta” Martin graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a B.A. in journalism and founded SincerelySyreeta.com, a blog that seeks to inspire, empower and motivate others on their personal life journey. Thanks to her compelling life story and innovative branding approach, the mother of two started her business, Sincerely Syreeta & Co., LLC […] Read more…

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