PTwebsite_GlassesBlogThe world is clearer, sharper, and more stylish today. No surprise, I’m rockin’ a new pair of Tom Ford glasses (thank you for your unparalleled selection, Blink). The world also looks pretty whacked out.

As I adjust to these new lenses, I’m adjusting to a new way of looking at the world. Literally. It’s like Pax in Wonderland as the sidewalk looms in front of me, the sky seems closer, big buildings seem smaller, small ones bigger. Anyone who’s worn glasses for the first time will relate. I feel slightly nauseous from all this brain-eye coordination, slightly headachy from the fit of the new frames.

The strangeness of looking through these new lenses got me thinking about change for the better. About seeing things through a new lens (this time metaphorically). This kind of growth always involves some pain (#growingpains), discomfort, and loss as we let go of old ways and habits that no longer serve us well, and embrace new ways of being that help us evolve for the better. An opportune analogy for the equinox (which was on Tuesday, when day and night have equal length) and today, when things transition and night is just a hair longer. And boy I am feeling that flux. As I change, grow, and evolve, I also feel discomfort, pain and fear. Things are moving in a positive direction, my intuition and spirit tell me so, but I struggle nonetheless. The necessary evil where growth is concerned.

How do you feel in this time of transition? Sure-footed and secure? Challenged yet faithful? Unsure and ill-at-ease?