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“Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged in activities, and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.” -Pax CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

Speaking at The Positivity Charge

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I had a great time speaking at the 2016 Positivity Charge, hosted by Dr. Rubina Tahir and Parisha Smith — two great friends of mine. Read the recap in Philly Chit Chat and get motivated to take on 2017, full speed ahead.

At Sincerely Syreeta’s Sincerely Chosen Event

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What a great time I had on the Sincerely Chosen show last night. Thank you, Syreeta,  for the beautiful energy you’re bringing to our community through your efforts, I was honored to lend my voice. Here’s a shot of all of the speakers with the host.   Here’s the event …


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How To Feel Happier At Work With 5 Weird Tips That Are Totally Doable.     If you’re going to be at your desk all day, you might as well surround yourself with things that make you happy. “Put up pictures around your desk or workspace of places or things …