Peace of mind while traveling

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When Pax Tandon’s family would travel from their West Philadelphia home during the holidays when she was a child, she remembers one thing her parents always did before they left: turned the lights on. She didn’t really understand it at first, but now, the Philadelphia-based mindfulness expert and author of …

Here’s How Mindfulness Affects Your Workout & Motivates You To Move More

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“Mindfulness, at its simplest, is the nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment,” Pax Tandon, a mindfulness expert and author of the book Mindfulness Matters: A Guide to Mastering Your Life, tells Elite Daily over email. “When we practice mindfulness, we are cultivating our ability to stay in the moment, noticing exactly what we …

3 Common Mindfulness Myths Debunked

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Ready to clear the noise? Start by ditching these misconceptions. Luckily, positive psychology expert and wellness coach Pax Tandon is here to separate fact from fiction with key insights from her book Mindfulness Matters. Ready to clear the noise? Start by ditching these 3 mindfulness myths at

How To Overcome “Grass Is Greener” Syndrome In Dating

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“The people, experiences, and energies that cross your path are there for a reason: trust that,” Pax Tandon, positive psychology expert and author of Mindfulness Matters: A Guide To Mastering Your Life, tells Bustle. “Honor your life’s design, be present with your relationships, and… don’t put pressure on them to be long …