3 Common Mindfulness Myths Debunked

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Ready to clear the noise? Start by ditching these misconceptions. Luckily, positive psychology expert and wellness coach Pax Tandon is here to separate fact from fiction with key insights from her book Mindfulness Matters. Ready to clear the noise? Start by ditching these 3 mindfulness myths at ThriveGlobal.com

How To Overcome “Grass Is Greener” Syndrome In Dating

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“The people, experiences, and energies that cross your path are there for a reason: trust that,” Pax Tandon, positive psychology expert and author of Mindfulness Matters: A Guide To Mastering Your Life, tells Bustle. “Honor your life’s design, be present with your relationships, and… don’t put pressure on them to be long …

Selena Gomez is Changing the Way she Defines Success — And You Should Too

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“When you look at people who are really happy with their life and who feel fulfilled, they’re not really focused on material things, they’re focused on how to have an impact and leave the world a better place,” says Florida-based licensed psychologist Erika Martinez told Moneyish. Pax Tandon, a positive psychologist and …
Author, Pax Tandon, and her book "Mindfulness Matters"

Mindfulness Matters AVAILABLE NOW!

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Get the insider’s scoop on how to attain a fully flourishing life. Encompassing deep dives into mind, body, and spirit, you will be introduced to the science of positive psychology, engage with the practice of mindfulness, learn how to build an optimally efficient body, and commit to an elevation of …

Simple Ways to Erase Negativity from Your Internal Monologue

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Here’s how to quiet your negative internal monologue. by Pax Tandon Gratitude Also called “ Three Good Things,” the gratitude practice is perhaps the single most popular intervention in positive psychology. This is because it is incredibly effective in changing our perspective from what’s going wrong, or what we don’t have, …