Whenever I mention the art of mindfulness, or the idea of someone incorporating it into their daily life, I am immediately faced with one singular (and often times polarizing) question: What does it do for you?

Truth is, a lot (like, a lot – a lot) but I don’t always have the time to run through all of those things during a first encounter. So, what do I say? I say, “Everything. Mindfulness will completely revolutionize your life, when practiced correctly.”

If you’re wondering — and have a little more time than that elevator pitch. Here’s a summary:

You’ll learn how to let go. Incorporating mindfulness into day to day life lets you see problems for what they are, experiences that’ve already happened. There’s very little control we have on the past; mindfulness lets accept it and move on.

You’ll learn to listen more. Mindfulness helps you listen to yourself a little better, and in turn you’ll take that practice everywhere you go. If you’re an interjector, you’ll find yourself waiting… hearing… and processing before you chime in with your two cents. (If you can imagine it.)

You’ll find meaning in other places. Our definition of meaning is often skewed by an imaginary to-do list of life goals. Mindfulness will help you to derive meaning from the little things; those nooks and crannies of life that truly matter most.

#Goals. Literally.