image image imageThe beautiful folks at the Body Shop just sent me some luxe samples of their new limited edish Virgin Mohito body care collection and Vitamin C skin care. These are fan faves, and as I am a huge Body Shop fan, I had to have em. They arrived in an eco-friendly and inspirational tote a-la Lu Lu Lemon style, with beautiful phrases like “Be yourself, everybody else is taken” and “Do it with passion or not at all.” Reading those inspirational words I was already feeling high before I even cracked open the virgin mohito body gel in the shower this morning – one whiff and I was rocking a huge buzz from the smell, a minty-citrus confection that transported me right to the beach. It conjured up images of lying on a beach chair under an umbrella sipping a mohito, the quintessential summer cocktail. Relaxed, euphoric, peaceful, balanced. As I reveled in the visualization, my brain flooded with happy chemicals. It’s an amazing trick to get quick bursts ofhappiness –just close your eyes and meditate upon (contemplate or imagine) your favorite memory, person, place or thing. For your brain, reliving positive memories in your mind mimic actually being there, so you have the same happy chemicals flooding your body as if you were experiencing the real thing. Between the water cascading over me and the heavenly scent, I felt blissful. I exited and immediately pumped out some of the Vitamin C skin boostonto my face. Now, I’m a huge fan of vitamin C in general, for boosting immunity and smoothing wrinkles. Unlike the ones I’m used to, which smell a bit chemical/industrial, this one has the most pleasant citrus scent and goes on like buttah. It actually feels like it leaves a sheer velvet layer on your skin. I don’t know about you, but soft, smooth skin always makes me happy (and anyone else who’s got the lucky privilege of touching it). I finished off my shower experience with a spritz of the Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz. I wish I had this on my recent trip to Europe-there many hot days in Spain where I could’ve used not just a refreshing spritz on my skin, but an instant pick-me-up and smoother. This spray is so legit-it’s instant glow and refreshment for sluggish summer skin. My face feels like a baby’s butt right now, my body smells like the perfect buzz. It’s a winning combo.